Current research

Focused on the intersection of offline and online communication for arts, culture, feminism, commons and critical pedagogy. Available for collaborations and freelance projects.


Robynn Redgrave (1990, CA) is a Helsinki based graphic designer who combines a theory & practice based research, with activism in socio-environmental relations.



Recent Projects

— Network Nodes              network nodes (2018)

A critical dissection of university rehtoric by more-than-human others

— (2018)

A durational and site-specific action in memory of all the events of home.

— (2018)

Fieldnotes and observation of mobile device practices in the Helsinki public metro.

— (2017)

A visual exploration of the third subjectivity between two persons. I am an Other and that constitues me.

—In collaboration with Aliisa Talja

Recent Exhibitions

— Coat Of Many Colors, 2017, The Loon, Toronto