Current Interests

stories, visual narratives, pedagogy, dialogue, fire, social networks, queerness, communication, gender, dreaming, relations, technologies, language


Roby Redgrave McPherson is a Helsinki/Stockholm-based visual communication designer working in both institutional and grassroots sectors. Their work combines theory & practice based research, with activism in socio-environmental relations. Roby collaborates with people across fields and disciplines and works as a teacher/organizer/facilitator. They work as the art director of Tidskriften Astra and are actively involved with the Helsinki-based platforms Effort and Trojan Horse.




— (2018)

A durational and site-specific action in memory of all the events of home.

— (2018)

Fieldnotes and observation of mobile device practices in the Helsinki public metro.


— Dreaming of Laho Paratiisi dreaming of laho paratiisi (2021)                              

publication for ecological land-based artwork by Caracara Collective.

—In collaboration with Tuo Tuo – Artist residency in Joutsa, Finland

— Prayers off beat            prayers off beat (2020)

Drawings made in 2019 and 2020

Compiled during Helsinki quarantine.

— Revelation    revelation: a thread, a ghosting, a proffesional suicide

A visual narrative essay.

— Network Nodes              network nodes (2018)

A critical dissection of rhetoric by more-than-human others.

— (2017)

A visual exploration of the third subjectivity between two persons. I am an Other and that constitues me.

—In collaboration with Aliisa Talja

— You Can Change you can change (2016)                    

A hybrid narrative concerning a hybrid narrative.

—In collaboration with Gregg Gethard


— tXtile tXtile (2019)                    

A design exploration into the poetic and symbolic meaning of text printed on human clothing.

—In collaboration with Kiia Beilinson

— Coat of Many Colors        Coat of Many Colors

Group show

Opening 7.4.2017
The Loon, Toronto

— Altered altered (2016)                     

An installation and visual archive of Toronto's church landscape 1787—1834.

—In collaboration with Jasmine Frolick


— OS/error OS/error (2020)                     

A speculative operating system favorable to error.

—In collaboration with Aliisa Talja

— Today is longer than yesterday           today is longer than yesterday (2019)

Sound: DJ granddaughteraliisa

Screened at ⫷ MYÖS: Lying down – Loikoilu ⫸
Su 24.2.2019
Kallio Stage, Pengerkatu 11 ☾ ☾ ☾ ☾ ☾ ☾ ☾

— Vegetal✺Being    Vegetal✺Being (2018)

3:22 min (loop) Screened Fall 2018 @Kuutsis House, Helsinki Finland
Sound: DJ granddaughteraliisa


— W.W.W.: Win, Win, Win or Working With Weakness?    W.W.W.:Win, Win, Win or Working With Weakness?: Competition, techno-feminism, and networks of care

Workshop held 31.5.2019, Helsinki
This website is part of the collective outcome.

—In collaboration with Lisa Rein


— A prayer for technologies, a prayer for bodies a prayer for technologies, a prayer for bodies

Published by Grafia-lehti 2/21 (online)

— Log #938200074927-168YLog #938200074927-168Y

A speculative fiction text based on real, actual and true events.

In collaboration with Trojan Horse

— Urgency Reader 2: Mutual Aid During CrisisOS/error in Urgency Reader 2

poetry and screenshots

Publication edited by Paul Soulellis /

— MA Thesis OS/error: Operating system for the human, the computer and the environment
Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture
—Visual Communication Design MA Program